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Gamblin Oil Painting Mediums Kit 6


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This set is a great introduction to Gamblin's range of contemporary oil painting mediums. Using today's safer materials, they recreate the properties of traditional mediums.

Gamblin Galkyd is an alkyd resin medium that increases the fluidity of oil colours and speeds up their drying time (thin layers will dry within 24 hours).

Gamblin Neo Megilp is a soft gel that gives body to paint, decreases viscosity, and will not turn yellow or darken.

Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil is used to thin oil colours and increase their brilliance and transparency. Note that linseed oil can cause white and lighter colours to yellow over time.

Gamblin Gamsol is a solvent for thinning Gamblin mediums and for general painting.

Gamblin Solvent Free Gel is made from safflower oil and alkyd resin. It gives colours more gloss, flow, and transparency, yet holds the shape of brushstrokes. It has a moderately fast drying rate.

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium is a soft paste used to make oil colours thicker and more matte. Can be mixed with Gamblin Galkyd to increase the sheen and flexibility of the paint film. Gamblin Cold Wax Medium contains no oil, so it can be applied as a wax varnish over a dry oil painting.

The set includes:

  • Gamblin Galkyd 2oz bottle
  • Gamblin Neo Megilp 2oz bottle
  • Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil 2oz bottle
  • Gamblin Gamsol 2oz bottle
  • Gamblin Solvent Free Gel 37mL tube
  • Gamblin Cold Wax Medium 2mL jar