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Neef Series 450 Imitation Indian Sable Bright Brush


Indian Sable Bright - Long Handle

Indian sable/ badger/mongoose are very satisfying to paint oils and acrylics. These brushes are ideal for portraits, wet into wet and thick applications. They are highly recommended to all oil painters. A little courser than sable and not as expensive they offer greater control and spring.

A bright has a short flat ferrule with square end. Shorter hair length than a flat. To make distinct, definite marks.

Size Width of hair at ferrule Length of hair
0 2mm 6mm
2 4mm 8mm
4 5mm 9mm
6 6mm 10.5mm
8 8mm 12mm
10 10mm 14mm
12 13mm 16mm
14 15mm 18mm
18 17mm 21mm
24 23mm 26mm