Art Spectrum Oil Prime


Art Spectrum Oil Prime is a unique and complex formula containing an oil and resin blend combined with Titanium Dioxide. This product contains pure Linseed Oil that cross-links with artists’ oil colours for permanent adhesion and maximum flexibility over time.  It also provides controlled absorbency, which maintains the natural glow of oil paint.  The oil content allows it to harden very gradually, in pace with the oil paints minimising stress cracking.

Does not yellow or discolour with age or emit strong odours like other oil-based primers. 

Product Application:

  • No glue or clear acrylic sizing is required
  • Shake or stir well
  • Use undiluted or thin with up to 15% water to assist with application of first coat. Final coat should always be undiluted. Two coats are recommended
  • Apply with a brush, roller or sponge directly onto canvas or wooden panels.  Oil Prime is ideally suited for priming wooden panels because of its excellent linseed oil penetration into the timber substrate
  • Oil Prime has a short drying/curing time formulated to be touch-dry in one hour and a second coat may be applied within the same day. Oil painting can begin the following day, or as soon as the water has evaporated from the priming system.