Awagami Orihon Kakishibu Journal


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The Awagami Kakishibu collection features natural Persimmon tannin dyed book covers in solid brown. The rich brown Persimmon pigment has been used for waterproofing Japanese paper umbrellas for thousands of years and has now has come back into fashion as an eco-friendly colorant for clothing and accessories. The Orihon (accordion-fold) style book features covers finished with Persimmon dyed 42gsm Kozo paper and contains 40 pages of 81gsm Hosho paper suitable for all drawing and writing media.

The bamboo paper in Awagami sketchbooks is a fine organic choice for artist and designer alike, exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. The luxurious texture of Bamboo paper is similar to silk and softer than cotton, making it an excellent choice for drawing in pencil, sumi-ink, pastel and gouache. Contains 70% bamboo fibre plus 30% mixed recycled washi fibre. 100% acid free. Made in Japan with no fluorescent bleaching. 

Awagami's home of Tokushima is the birthplace of Japanese organic Indigo where farmers have been cultivating it for centuries. The humble beauty of Indigo was revived during the 1965 Japanese folk-crafts or "Mingei" movement that also led to a new international appreciation for this natural hue.