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Chromacryl Acrylic Set of 10 x 75mL


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Chromacryl are a high quality student range of acrylic paints.
  • Can be used with a spatula or a palette knife due to its medium bodied consistency
  • Can be mixed with water to achieve some lovely watercolour effects
  • Can be easily cleaned from brushes with soapy water
  • Is ideal for both the art room or at home
  • Offers a high pigment load
  • Is supported by a range of Chromacryl Mediums that open up many areas of creativity including; textile painting, collage, watercolour, mono, block and screen printing, papier-mache
  • Is non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Offers a colour range of 30 colours, including both warm and cool primaries

Chromacryl Acrylic SDS - Non-Fluoro Colours

Chromacryl Acrylic SDS - Fluoro Colours