Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Block 300gsm Traditional White Rough


Artistico is a watercolour paper made with 100% cotton produced with mould made process, a special industrial process that reproduces the typical characteristics of hand-made paper. Artistico is a Vegan Friendly* option for those not wanting traditionally Gelatine sized paper. Artistico is available in 2 shades of white: Traditional and Extra White, both without bleaches or optical brighteners.

Each block is sealed around the edges and has a loose corner that enables you to peel the sheet away when your work is complete. Blocks are a fantastic way to keep your paper stretched without the use of tape making it a great product for plain air painting and travel.

Available in three texture: Hot Pressed (Smooth), Cold Pressed (Medium) and Rough

Available in Two colours: Extra White and Traditional White

*Vegan Friendly: All ingredients used in the production of the products indicated are free of animal components as well as the sizing which has vegetable origin.