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Lefranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl 125mL


Lefranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl Paint is a pioneering vinyl-based paint that is characterized by its matt properties and its intense covering power on a wide variety of supports. It enables the artist to paint on any painting surface, with a strong paint film that maintains the power of the colours. Because FLASHE is made with a different resin than acrylic paints, it produces different results. It is much more than a matt acrylic paint – it unleashes the intensity of the pigments and the luminosity of the colours with a matt finish.

Flashe enables artists to work on all painting surfaces.

Ultra-adherent formulation: can be applied on all non-oily painting surfaces directly, without priming (wood, textile, leather, metal, paper, polystyrene, etc.)

Thanks to its adhesive qualities, Flashe is guaranteed to be 100% stable over time (unlike traditional acrylic paint, which cannot be applied onto plastic or glass because it will peel after drying).


 Lefranc / Flashe / Colour on all supports