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Neef Series 225 Round Sable Brush


Finest Sable Round - Short Handle

Sable is the premium natural material for brushmaking, suitable for all media (though don't use the same brush for oil and water-based paint!). Sable hair consistently springs back into shape and maintains good point, providing reliable, smooth brushstrokes. 

A round brush has a round ferrule with round, pointed hair.

Size Width of hair at ferrule Length of hair
5/0 1.5mm 5.5mm
3/0 1.5mm 6mm
2/0 1.5mm 7mm
0 2mm 8mm
1 2mm 9mm
2 2mm 10mm
3 3mm 12mm
4 3mm 14mm
5 3.5mm 16mm
6 4mm 18mm
7 5mm 20mm
8 6mm 23mm
10 7mm 27mm
12 8mm 30mm