Sennelier Watercolour Set of 12 Half Pans (Plus 6 Free colours!)


This set contains a bonus 6 Free colours!

Sennelier Watercolour Set of 12 Half Pans contains a honey based watercolour. The honey used in L'Aquarelle Sennelier acts not only as a preservative, but also as an additive bestowing incomparable brilliance and smoothness to the paint. The watercolours are made in France using traditional methods.

This set acontains the following colours:

Lemon Yellow 501, French Vermilion 675, Alizarin Crimson 689, Carmine 635, Dioxazine Purple 917, Ultramarine Deep 315, Phthalocyanine Blue 326, Forest Green 899, Phthalo. Green Light 805, Burnt Sienna 211, Paynes Grey 703, Warm Sepia 440.

Plus an extra 6 colours!

Naples Yellow Deep 566, Bright Red 619, Venetian Red 623, Cinereous Blue 344, Raw Umber 205, Ivory Black 755