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Conte Pastel Pencil Assorted Set of 24


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The exceptional diameter (5mm) of the Conté à Paris Pastel Pencil lead gives genuine freedom of creation and has an unrivalled feel. It is the perfect pencil companion to Soft Pastels because its lead is slightly harder, with less pigment. When you require detail for small and medium sized formats, Pastel Pencil is preferable to Soft Pastels and Carré Crayons.


This set contains 24 colours:


004 Medium Yellow

012 Orange

003 Vermillion Red

011 Pink

046 Ultramarine

029 Light Blue

002 Dark Green

044 St Michael Green

017 Yellow Ochre

001 Bistre

009 Black

013 White

047 Naples Yellow

014 Golden Yellow

040 Read Lead

039 Garnet Red

041 Cyclamen

005 Violet

006 Kings Blue

034 Emerald Green

016 Olive Green

007 Red Brown

032 Umber

020 Light Grey