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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Gouache Primary Mixing Set 4x15mL


Daniel Smith Extra Fine Gouache Primary Mixing Set 4x15mL! Use the three primary colours Hansa Yellow Medium, Pyrrol Red, Ultramarine Blue to mix secondary greens, oranges and purples. Use the Titanium White to adjust the shades.

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ GOUACHE is a professional artist-grade water media that produces an opaque matte finish. Made with the same high-quality pigments and gum arabic as DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ Watercolours, GOUACHE is uniquely formulated with higher pigment loads to achieve density and opacity without adding whites or other fillers.

Whether your painting style is abstract, representational, illustrative or figurative, you’ll enjoy the creative versatility of GOUACHE. Apply it as mass tone straight from the tube to get rich, full-bodied solids with single brush strokes. Temper colours smoothly with water to create softer lines and hazy layers. Mix and blend new shades to customize your palette. You can even scrape into it or build up light texture with mark-making tools.

Use GOUACHE to accent your watercolour paintings with velvety shadows or bold pops of colour. Try it with a wider variety of brushes on either light or dark surfaces – explore a whole new world of artistic expression!

The full range:

  • 22 richly saturated colours; 17 are single pigments
  • Exceptional lightfastness and pure, natural opacity
  • Full range of staining and lifting qualities
  • Rewets, dilutes and cleans up easily with water
  • Available in 15ml tubes; add colours to empty half-pans for portability