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Daniel Smith Watercolour Try It Sheet - 66 Colours


Daniel Smith Watercolour Try It Sheet - 66 Colours

Daniel Smith watercolours offer a range of 259 colours, including genuine mineral pigments and a variety of pearlescent and metallic colours. Their Primatek range is made from mineral pigments - some semi-precious - such as lapis lazuli, amethyst, and serpentine. These watercolours are highly rated for permanence and lightfastness.

This Try It Sheet includes 66 paintable dots of Daniel Smith watercolour on watercolour paper so you can test and sample almost every colours in their range. The properties of each colour are listed below each dot.

The 66 Colour Try It Sheet includes:

  • 24 PrimaTek colours
  • 12 Quinacridone colours
  • 6 Cadmium hues
  • 6 Iridescent colours
  • 6 Interference colours
  • 4 Duochrome colours
  • 2 Pearlescent colours
  • 6 extra colours from the Daniel Smith range

Daniel Smith do not test their products on animals; however, the pigment PBk9 is derived from animal products. The only colours to contain this pigment are Sepia, Ivory Black, Joseph Z's Neutral Grey, and Paynes Grey.