Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media Pad Spiral Bound 300gsm


The Fabriano 1264 Spiral Bound Mixed Media Pad features a medium-textured 300gsm medium soft white paper that is suitable for all dry techniques, from sketching & drawing to colour pencils, and wet techniques, from pen & ink to gouache and watercolor. 100% Alpha-Cellulose* Held together by double spiral binding allowing it to lay flat when open. A perforated edge making for an easy tear away when in need of single sheets.

Available in the following sizes and sheet counts:

A5 - 15 Sheets

A4 - 30 Sheets

A3 - 30 Sheets

All papers in the Fabriano 1264 range are acid-free and archival, with pulp from FSC forests and 60% of power used in production comes from renewable sources.

*Alpha-Cellulose is the building blocks of wood pulp; it is made up of multiple sugar molecules bonded together to form a chain. During the paper manufacturing process this chain is broken down, refined to remove undesirable elements (such as lignin) and then reformed to give strength to the finished sheet of paper.