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Fabriano Artistico 200gsm Rough Traditional White 560x760mm Pack of 10


Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper 200gsm, Rough, Traditional White 560x760mm. Sold as a pack of 10.


Ideal for watercolour, tempera, acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite and drawing. It is also suitable for printmaking.


3 textures: cold pressed, hot pressed and rough. The choice of texture will depend on the medium used by the artist. As a general rule, though, texture is a matter of personal choice for the artist, part of the process of artistic creation and expression.


Wide choice of grammages offering every artist the chance to choose the paper with the bulk best suited to their technique. Available in 200, 300, 640gsm.


Produced with 100% Cotton - mould made


Available in Traditional White


Sized both internally and externally, making it ideally absorbent whilst retaining its characteristics even if scratched. Not sized using animal product: Fabriano Artistico is vegan Friendly.


Chlorine and Acid Free, guaranteeing long conservation and inalterability over time.