Langridge Flow Medium


Safflower oil based Flow Medium.
A very pale and non-yellowing medium to add to oil colours for a ‘slippery’ and wet quality.
Unlike Stand Oil based mediums, Flow Medium will remain open and can be worked over an extended period of time without becoming tacky.
The Safflower base ensures colours stay bright therefore providing a suitable medium for artists who wish to avoid the yellowing of Refined Linseed Oil based mediums.

How to use

Langridge Flow Medium may be added to oil colours in quantities at the discretion of the Artist.

Initially small additions will purely aid the flow qualities of existing oil colours. As more medium is added to the oil colour, the transparency will be increased due to the further dispersion of the pigment throughout the medium.

In accordance with all Langridge Painting Mediums, Langridge Flow Medium is formulated with a proportion of oil to solvent that can be used unrestrictedly in glazes and washes without risk of unbinding the pigment from the oil.

After applying Langridge Flow Medium the surface will remain open for up to 48 hours. Any subsequent painting will disturb the underlying paint until the paint film has become touch dry.

Langridge Flow Medium has a high oil content and, as such, is a ‘fat’ medium. Fat mediums usually have a higher oil content than pure oil colours from the tube. Therefore Flow Medium should not to be used for underpainting if oil colours with no additional medium are to be applied on top.

Dries to a gloss finish.


Constituents: Refined Safflower Oil, Low Toxic Solvent, Cobalt Drier.