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Matisse Background 250mL


An all-purpose pure acrylic that can be applied to almost any surface, Matisse Background Colours are a highly pigmented low-tooth gesso. Used directly onto wood, the Background Colour will not only cover and create a great surface to paint on, but will also seal the surface with its built-in sealer. Background Colours have been designed for use on canvas, linen, board, wood, among others. Mixed with a high tooth acrylic gesso Matisse Background Colours can be turned into a pastel primer.

Matisse Background Colours can also be used with stencils, design painting, or simply as a flat decorative wall and ceiling paint. Apply direct from the jar and clean up with water. They spread easily with brush or roller and dry fast to a matt-velvet finish.

Note: All Matisse Background Paints should be applied in thin coats (no more than 0.5mm thick) to reduce the risk of cracks forming. Matisse Background Colours, being a coloured gesso, will mark more easily if left unvarnished.

Matisse Background Colours SDS