Michael Harding Watercolour 15mL - Series 2


This range like many professional ranges is separated into 6 series which is an indicator of cost of production or the pigment used in the paint.

Series 1 | Series 2 | Series 3, 4, 5 & 6

Michael Harding Watercolours are a pigment rich, lightfast*, vivid range of professional watercolours. This ranges boasts an incredible 135 colours and 92 single pigments.

All colours in this range are lightfast with two exceptions: Alizarin Crimson PR83 and Rose Madder NR9. These have been included in the range due to their strong history in the world of watercolours and their exceptional beauty.

Whilst they have a number of primary colours in their watercolour range, the three most popular starter colours are:

  1. Ultramarine Blue
  2. Yellow Lake
  3. Scarlet Lake