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Miya Weird Gouache 100mL


Why MIYA Gouache?

MIYA Weird Gouache is great addition to any classroom or studio. These quality affordable paints are made for students and budding Artists looking to work with a range of bright, bold, high covering matte paints.

Unlike acrylic this gouache can be rewet meaning they can be activated and used like a watercolour or left opaque with a similar appearance to matte Acrylic.

The huge colour range of 56 colours comes neatly packed in easy pour, quick sealing, 100mL pouches.

MIYA Gouache paints onto multimedia paper, and card. Gouache as a medium is best used onto a thicker paper, 220gsm upward. If using. a thinner paper be sure to use one that is primed suitably for watercolour/wet media. Non-toxic, solvent free, and water-washable.

These can also me used to refill the MIYA Himi Jelly Cup Gouache Sets.

A great option for students 3 and up!