Permaset Aqua 1L


PERMASET AQUA® includes both regular (transparent) and Supercover (opaque) ranges together with 4 Metallic and 4 Process colours (CMYK) and a range of ancillaries. Each range includes 8 “Glow” colours and also a Print Paste.  PERMASET® Standard colours are designed for printing on light coloured fabrics, and PERMASET® Supercover colours are designed for printing on dark coloured fabrics and do not require an underbase.

PERMASET inks are ideal for use on a full range of fabrics including Cotton, Polyester, Silk and most synthetics. PERMASET inks are also low in odour and can easily be cleaned up with water. A first-rate innovation, PERMASET AQUA ink is the perfect, versatile textile ink solution; it provides a technically sound foundation while you provide the creativity and contribute to a safer environment.