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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink 50mL


A combination of the Japanese words: ‘iro’ 色 meaning colour and ‘shizuku’ 雫, translating to dew or droplet.

Bring the quiet beauty of the Japanese landscape to your creative practice with PILOT iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink. Each colour is a unique offering that reflects the changing natural landscape of Japan through each season - distilling beautiful moments into a bottle, such as the colour of the deep sea when illuminated by the moon or the interesting texture of a stone pavement that is wet with drizzle.

This well-behaved, water-based ink is suitable for all modern fountain pens, and can also be used with a paintbrush or dip pen. Perfect for calligraphy and drawing, this ink makes it easy to express yourself on paper with its range of 24 complex and vivid colours.

Each fountain pen ink is presented in an elegant 50ml glass bottle with premium packaging, adding to the known pleasure that comes with the Art of Writing.