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Uni Posca Mopr Round Tip Assorted Set of 8


The Mop'R covers large areas with single, broad, even strokes and offers many effects, including splash, blown, perfect round, drips, creation of depth, mixing of colours…..

Assorted Set of 8 comes with the following colours:

White, Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Light Blue.

POSCA MOP'R, Water-based paint marker for any surface!

  • Opaque and covering paint, without alcohol, solvent or resin and odourless.
  • Permanent on porous surfaces, erasable on glass. 
  • Mixable, water-soluble and superimposable colours.
  • Ideal for creating large - cover large areas with simple, wide and even strokes
  • Round foam rubber stamp tip - stroke 3 to 19 mm